Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry

We are members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, who show an interest in motorcycles

Mechanized Cavalry Heritage Defense                                                 

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Compatriots who are online!
  You can sign up for the Yahoo! e-Groups
communications forum.  This forum is for the exclusive
use of Mechanized Cavalry members, in hopes of
improving communications between the members in
different cities and states.  The e-Group is
webmail-based and very easy to use.  It has a full
compliment of functions including messaging, live
chat, file sharing, photo posting, bookmark sharing,
and a function for creating and conducting polls among our 
members. All you have to do is visit
and follow the directions for joining the group.  Shortly after your
request is received, you will be given full access to
the forum and it's numerous functions.  Many SCV-MC
members have already joined and began taking advantage
of this new communications tool.  Several of our
Compatriots have already posted photographs of their
bikes in the photo section. Group members may use 
this new tool anytime they need it, and can choose
 to be automatically notified by
e-mail whenever there is a new message or event posted
at the group.  In this manner, news of SCV and SCV-MC
happenings on the local levels can be distributed
IMMEDIATELY throughout the entire 
Mechanized Cavalry organization. 
Go ahead, join the SCV-MC Yahoo! e-Group today and
begin enjoying this new way to communicate with your
fellow Compatriots!

Compatriot Bud Cranford
SCV-MC Yahoo e-Group Moderator