Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry

We are members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, who show an interest in motorcycles

Mechanized Cavalry Heritage Defense                                                 

History of the Mechanized Cavalry

History of The Mechanized Cavalry

Leo Sykes (SCVMC #3) is the retired Captain of SCVMC Company C (originally there
was only one Battalion) and lives in Sulphur Springs, TX.In the beginning of
the SCVMC there were only 3 Companies and Leo commanded Company C,
Captain Kevin Stone (SCVMC #5) commanded Company B, and Captain
Shaker Robinson (#76) commanded Company A. The phrase "Ride as you
would with Forrest" was coined by Leo after he joined the SCV in 1992,
after he read two books on Nathan Bedford, and was very impressed by
Forrest's successes against the damn Yankees. He figured you can no
longer ride With Forrest because he is dead, and no one can ride Like Forrest
- so a person would have to "Ride as you would with Forrest" Leo joined the
newly created SCVMC when he answered an ad in the "Confederate Veteran"
magazine in 1997 and believes the term "Mechanized Cavalry" was created by
Reuben (Ben) Hamby (#1). Captain Leo Sykes started monthly newsletters for
the SCVMC in 1997 and ended them with "Ride as you would with Forrest".
which he shortened to RaywwF sometime after February 1998........and that is where we are today!!
This info was compiled after contacting Capt. (retired) Leo Sykes, and
Col Kevin Stone and Major Shaker Robinson. Luke Stetson, #183, Major 3rd