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I am certain I do not need to tell you that we are facing a crisis. In fact, we are facing the greatest threat to our heritage in modern times. The forces arrayed against us are formidable. Their first declared goal is to remove the Confederate Battle flag which flies beside the Confederate Soldier’s monument in Columbia, South Carolina. It was put there in 2000 as part of a political compromise. But do not be fooled into thinking they will stop there. The radical leftists who are driving this crisis are committed to the complete eradication of all things Confederate.


I will not belabor the point with a long list of examples; suffice it to say that if it’s Confederate, they are after it. One liberal group is already cataloging every Confederate monument, street name, and memorial in America. If you have any doubts about the seriousness of this just turn on the news. And don’t think these folks will be satisfied with just Confederate memorials. Many of these same ideologues have just as negative a view of our Revolutionary War heroes and the United States flag. Make no mistake, WE ARE IN A WAR TO SAVE AMERICAN CULTURE. I don’t know how else to say it and we don’t have much time. From what we know, the S.C. General Assembly will meet July 6 to vote on this issue, we must move quickly.


Charles Kelly Barrow, Commander-in-Chief


SCV Heritage Defense


 We’ve set up a special SCV web site just for this issue where you can enter your email address. We need an email address for every Compatriot and individual so that we can communicate quickly. Ask others to sign up as well so we can get the word out to as many supporters as possible. 





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