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This page is for an easy access and instruction to register for our new “Private” forum. Please share these instructions with all members of your Battalions and Companies throughout the Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry.


The privacy purpose of this forum allows us to openly discuss current events without being criticized, trolled, or putting any member and their family, any cemetery, or any monument, in danger of an attack. Unlike Social media, where we are under constant watch and surveillance.


This forum will in short order replace the much out dated Yahoo E-groups which were an invaluable asset to our organization during their inception, but are not capable of today’s technological advancements and opportunities


The forum is set up with open Boards for each Company, messages from the General, Colonel, Adjutant, Chaplain, Webmaster, and a general board for any non-specific discussion.


 There is a Calendar Board featuring the latest events addition in thread format as well as a thread link taking you directly to a Wall Calendar with a list view of the next 20 upcoming events. Highlighted calendar dates and list view events are clickable for more information.


There is a board featuring “Member Profiles”. This allows members to post select information which can be used as a phonebook. All information blanks are the member’s option and will not be displayed if they are left blank. For privacy purposes, Addresses are intentionally left out. If you need a member’s address, you will need to contact them personally.


There is a “Headquarters Staff Only” board with the purpose of maintaining an online roster and status updates of new membership applications. This board is password protected. Passwords will be given to Headquarters Staff and Company Captains upon completed Forum Registration.


All Headquarters Staff, Battalion Majors, and Company Captains will be given Forum Staff and Moderator privileges. This will allow each Captain to moderate threads as necessary in his Company board, or any thread created by his Company members.


You may create, send or respond to threads in any board you like, providing it is pertinent to that thread, or is an invitation across troop lines, etc. All we ask is to keep it clean! This forum is not intended to become a venue for derogatory remarks, unresolved issues, or airing “Dirty Laundry”. It is a tool to be used to bring us closer together in unity and dedication to the Cause.


You may also send private messages to any member of the forum. You can set your own profile photos, avatars, etc. 


Forum: The web address to the forum directly without going through the website is: - regardless of how you choose to enter the forum, you will need to register for an account. When Registering, please be sure to use your name, nickname, and/or email address that you provided on your Mechanized Cavalry Application. The National Roster will be used for membership verification. If your information cannot be verified, your registration will not be approved until verification can be made.  This forum is private and cannot be viewed by anyone who is not a member.



This forum is also capable of being used by the mobile app “tapatalk”. This a free downloadable app available for android and apple.  The app will allow you to set various notifications for any time a thread is updated, created. Etc. without becoming disturbing, if you are at work or in a meeting. There is also a small one- time fee paid version that is free of ads called “Tapatalk Pro”.



The advantages to using this forum are: Privacy, Instant notifications. Immediate response. Portable in emergency situations. File sharing capabilities. One on one and group communications. Immediate Communication Across the Confederation! No More having to check email, or junk folders because a notice wasn’t received. No more emails getting blocked as spam.




Getting set up on the forum:


1.       The first thing you need to do is, register for the forum at the link posted above. Please use your road name/ and or email address that I can verify. If I do not know who is registering, you will not get approved until verification can be determined.

YOU MUST add your verification information in the yellow box during the registration process. Ex. Full Name SCVMC #, Battalion and Co., SCV #, State, etc. Any information to help link you to our Roster. This is Extremely important, if you want your registration approved.


2.       Normally your registration will be approved within 24hrs if not immediately, and you should receive a confirmation email with an activation key.  Follow the instructions in the email to complete your registration. Or enter the activation key by logging in to the forum from a web browser.


3.       For mobile access, make sure you have downloaded the “Tapatalk” app from your device’s app store, there are both free and paid versions.

4.       Once you have created an account with Tapatalk, you can type in in the search bar at the top of the app, to access our forum. You will then need to log in with your forum registration you created.

5.       If you have any issues, let me know and I will walk you through it.

6.       If you should ever forget your forum login and password, DO NOT create a new login. Contact me and I will give you your information to regain access.



Have a Great Dixie Day!


Capt. Bo