Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry

We are members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, who show an interest in motorcycles

Mechanized Cavalry Heritage Defense                                                 

Brochures and Applications

The Following Links are  to printable documents for the purpose of recruiting members to the Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry. If you are seeking documents to obtain membership into the Sons Of Confederate Veterans, please visit the page titled "Direct links to SCV".


Mechanized Cavalry Recruitment Brochure - This brochure is a printable foldable document that travels well, and is encouraged to have at a moments notice. This document will help you in greeting prospective members and letting them know who we are and what we are about.-



Mechanized Cavalry Membership Application - This document also travels well, and is a great item to have on hand at SCV gatherings to pass on to members who also share our motorcycle enthusiam.