Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry

We are members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, who show an interest in motorcycles

Mechanized Cavalry Heritage Defense                                                 

Battalion State Organization

Battalion State Organization Chart:       

General Kevin Stone #5 Commanding


Colonel Tim "Trigger" Hawkins #1561

Chief of Staff Capt. Carl "Rolo" Beeler #412

Chaplain in Chief Charles L. Cole, Jr. #609

Webmaster Capt. James "Bo" Hershel Hall, Jr. #1786

Sgt. Major John "Slim" James May #848


1st Battalion

Major Frank W. Dietz #158

2nd Battalion

Major Frank Baptista

3rd Battalion

Major Johnny M. Strickland #1111

Company "A"

Captain Lenny Stover #810

Company "A"
Virginia/West Virginia

Captain Robert McDaniel

Company "A"
South Carolina

Captain Mike Waters

Company "B"

Captain Bobby White

Company "B"
North Carolina

Captain Bill Starnes #58

Company "B"

Lionel "Train" Harris #1086

Company "C"

Captain Francis M. "Frank" Polk Jr. #468

Company "C"



Company "C"


#542 Capt. Achim "Archy" Bansch

Company "D"

Captain David Pat McMurry #330 

Company "D"
Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont

Captain Robert B. Eldreth Jr. #569

Company "D"

Captain David M. King #462

Company "E"
Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin

Captain Joe Ford


Company "E"




Company "E"



Company "F"
  Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wyoming

Captain Chris Martin

Company "F"

Maryland, Pennsylvania,Washington D.C.


Captain Joseph Pizzini

Company "G"

Captain Kevin Nelms

Company "H"
Iowa, Minnesota, and Missouri

Captain Lenny Stover #810

Pro Tem

Company "I"
Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington

Captain Kevin Brown #1037

Company "J"


Captain Roy Bowers




Company Captains Position Description


This position description for the Company Captains captures duties and responsibilities documented in the Standing Orders required to guide the Company in maintaining the goal of the SCV Charge. Within the guidelines of the Standing Orders the Company Captain can operate and lead the Company as He sees appropriate for the Company/State.


The Company Captain is the key leadership position for the Company by representing the members of the Company. In representing the Company, the Captain should lead the Company in a way that encourages comradery, growth and with the goal of making the Mechanized Cavalry flourish. 

Duties and responsibilities below are the minimum guidelines captured in the Standing Orders:

  •          Participate in the Council of Captains to represent Company members – Attend Officers Call or send representative to ensure Company is represented.
  •          Organize the Company – Establish Company organizational structure that promotes growth and participation. Organizational structure can be Troops, Squads, Platoons or any structure that organizes the Company into smaller units with each having a leader (Lt., Sgt, Cpl.) elected by the members or assigned by the Company Captain.
  •          Assign Staff – The Captain shall assign staff to assist in the operations of the Company. Sample positions are the Chief of Staff, Treasurer, Chaplain, Quartermaster, and Safety Officer. These positions are appointed by the Captain and serve the Captain and members of the Company.
  •          Organize Meetings – The Captain shall conduct one Company general membership meeting a year. The goal of this meeting is to provide a Company status and growth. It also provides a setting for promotions, reports from the Company Platoons, and upcoming events. The Captain can call more meetings as necessary.
  •          Battalion Report – The Captain shall provide the Battalion Major a report twice a year. This report can be verbal or in writing and is intended to provide Company status, discuss issues, update on growth, and other topics as necessary.
  •          Issue Management – The Company Captains manage issues at the Company level to resolve issues within the Company. The Battalion Major shall be notified if necessary, to assist in the resolution. The Battalion Major can elevate up the chain of command if necessary. Discipline shall follow the guidelines documented in the Standing Orders.
  •          Captain Elections – The Company Captain shall conduct elections for the Captain position every two years. This election shall follow the guidelines documented in the Standing Orders.
  •          Applications – The Captain will manage all new membership applications as necessary to ensure new members align with the goals of the Mechanized Cavalry and in good standing in the SCV. The Captain shall process applications through Regimental Headquarters for the membership certificate. New Member application fee of $100 goes to the Company and covers the Stainless patch. The Company provides $25 from the application fee to Regimental Headquarters for the certificate and processing.
  •          Company Roster – It is recommended that the Company Captain maintain a Company roster. Headquarters will assist in providing the roster. The Company Captain will work with Headquarters to ensure all roster changes are documented (resignations, deaths, retired…).
  •          Company Deaths – The Company Captain will notify the Battalion Major and Regimental Headquarters of a member death.
  • The Company Captain is the key for the Company’s success in meeting the goals of the Charge and Company’s growth. As the principle officer of the Company, the Captain shall apply himself to organize the Company and lead the Company’s members.


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